Smart lighting will subtly, but effectively, influence the ambiance of a home, complementing the aesthetics of its décor, while also providing convenience and energy efficiency. Brighten or dim any light in the room—or the entire house—with a single touch. Or automate lighting to respond to your life, without any touch at all. The house can even appear occupied when no one is home. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.
The benefits of smart lighting aren’t limited to new homes and construction projects. Even dwellings that are centuries old can be automated with the brilliance of Control4.
SMART LIGHTING THAT’S BRILLIANT Sophistication Meets Automation
Insightful Interaction Control4 keypads provide a stunning interface for any Control4 Smart Home, combining flexible button configurations with beautiful colors and finishes. Customizable, backlit engraved buttons allow for quick control of favorite scenes. Buttons can be configured using five different button sizes for a total of 38 possible configurations and can be reconfigured whenever a change is needed or desired. LEDs provide quick visibility to which lights or scenes are currently activated. The bottom button can be designated as up and down volume controls. Mix-and-match engraved buttons with sleek, screwless faceplates in 12 stylish colors and finishes. Available in 120V, 240V or 277V.
With configurable, custom engraved buttons, everyone will know what each button does. Built-in sensors change the button brightness depending on the lighting of the room, so they’re always perfectly lit.
You’ll Want to Push These Buttons Sure, a Control4 keypad can manage all of the lights in the house, but it also doesn’t have to be tied to a single light at all. Buttons can be programmed to handle virtually any non-lighting task, as well. Fire up a movie or your favorite Netflix® show. Lock and unlock the front door. Start or stop the sprinklers. Open and/or close the garage door. Arm or disarm the alarm. Start or stop your music and control the volume. Never before have you had this type of convenience right from the “light switch” on your wall.
It’s   also   easy   to   brighten   or   dim   any   light   in   the   room— or    entire    house—right    from   a Control4 touch screen.
See the Light, Save the Green Control4 Smart Lighting is both beautiful and energy efficient. Lights can be programmed to turn on when you enter a room and back off again when you’ve left. Outdoor lights automatically turn off before the sun comes up and back on again as the sun goes down. A “Goodbye” button lowers the shades, adjusts the heat and turns off the lights. Fixtures can be programmed to always illuminate at 80% to save on bulb life and be programmed to operate alongside the shades and thermostat to save money on the energy bill.
Control4 dealers are experts with countless ideas to help create uniquely personal smart lighting experiences in any home.
Peace of Mind is a Bright Idea Control4 Smart Lighting is sophisticated enough to enhance safety and security within the home. While away, lights and shades—and even televisions— can activate in a random fashion so it appears that someone is home. Motion sensors can be programmed to turn lights on—inside or outside of the home—if movement is detected, and then send you an alert when the sensor in that area is triggered. Lights in the home can flash on and off repeatedly when the security alarm is triggered, drawing more attention to a security breach.
With the Control4 App, an “Away” scene can be activated that alternates lights at home so it appears occupied.
Wireless Lighting Controls
Control4® Keypad Dimmer Combines dimming capabilities of the Adaptive Phase Dimmer with the customization of a Configurable Keypad. Available in 120V, 240V and 277V versions.
Control4® Forward  Phase Dimmer An economical solution for dimming forward phase loads. Available in 120V only.
Control4® Fan Speed Controller Provides quiet fan speed control of standard paddle-type ceiling fans. Available in 120V only.
Control4® 0-10V Dimmer Provides in-wall control of 4-wire 0-10V dimmable fluorescent ballasts and LEDs. Available in 120/277V and 240V versions.
Keypad shown in actual size
Keypad shown in actual size
Control4® Auxiliary Keypad An economical solution for 3-way load control. Connects directly to compatible Control4® Dimmers, Switches, or Fan Speed Controllers with existing, in-wall wiring. Available in 120/277V versions.
Control4® Switch On/off control of a variety of load types. Supports high in-rush loads like fountain pumps or banks of fluorescent lights. Available in 120V, 240V and 277V versions. Also available in square format for UK and Euro markets.
Control4® Configurable Keypad Provides elegant control of lighting scenes, blinds, music and more. An assortment of buttons are included and can be arranged in up to 38v different configurations. Available in 120V, 240V and 277V versions. Also available in square format for UK and Euro markets.
Control4® Adaptive  Phase Dimmer Compatible with virtually any load type. Supports both forward and reverse phase dimming. Available in 120V, 240V and 277V versions. Also available in square format for UK and Euro markets.
Ambient Light Sensor Automatically adjusts backlight   and   status   LED brightness    depending    on the light level of the room.
Custom engraving Clearly identifies each button so you know what you’re controlling before you touch it. Keycaps can be engraved in up to 130 different languages, including English, Spanish, German and Chinese.
Backlit buttons Illuminates engraving for easy viewing. RGB backlighting allows virtually any color to light up each button.
Status LEDs Provides visual status of scenes or devices. RGB LEDs can be changed to virtually any color.
Color and Finish Options
*Brown and Ivory are not available for 240V products.
Satin  Nickel (Metal)
Stainless Steel  (Metal)
Venetian  Bronze  (Metal)
Midnight  Black (Matte Finish)
Light  Almond
Snow White (Matte Finish)
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