With unprecedented control over your audio, Control4 will change the way you listen to music—forever. The intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to browse through your music collection and play any song you want, at any volume, in any room of the house. Enjoy classical in the den, jazz in the kitchen and rock in the teen’s room—all at the same time. Your listening choices are almost infinite. Play songs from your favorite streaming services like Spotify ®, Napster™, Rhapsody, Pandora®, SiriusXM™, podcasts, your entire digital music collection, Internet radio or your iTunes® music library. Distribute amplified music to different areas in the house with Control4 amplifiers. Send music from virtually any source, including your smartphone or tablet, to any room in the house. Even guests can stream music throughout your home!
Media Distribution Solutions
For killer sound that doesn’t compromise your design aesthetic, install built-in ceiling or wall speakers throughout the house. Control4 Power Amplifiers deliver high-quality audio to multiple stereo zones. The Control4 Audio Matrix Switch allows up to 16 audio sources to simultaneously play in up to 16 areas throughout your home. Your authorized Control4 Dealer can help you select the solution that’s best for your home setup.
Enjoy your favorite sports, news, audio books, podcasts and so much more, wherever you have speakers. The Wireless Music Bridge is a little box that connects virtually any source of audio (including music coming from your guests’ smartphones) to your Control4 system so it can be played anywhere you’d like in the house.
Featuring AirPlay, Bluetooth, and  DLNA, the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge makes it effortless to stream audio to any room.
Transform your family room into a state-of-the-art home theater. Watch TV, access your movie collection, download films from Fire, Netflix or AppleTV, power up a video game or enjoy your entire music library using your smartphone, tablet or an easy-to-use remote. All it takes is one tap to have the shades close, the lights fade, and the receiver kick in at the perfect volume. • Automate your home theater experience with one-touch control • Access your home control system  through your TV • Send HD video to any room in the house • Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives and portable devices, and browse through them all simultaneously
ONE REMOTE Simplify control over audio, video and home theater components with one simple Control4 remote.
Control4® Audio Matrix Switch Bring audio sources together for distribution throughout your home. Enable up to 16 audio sources in 16 zones Full matrix-switching capability and independent gain control in each zone Ideal for use with Control4® amplifiers when more than eight audio sources and/or zones are required
Control4® 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch Enjoy all your favorite HD video content on every TV in the home. View up to 8 HDMI video sources at 8 TV locations Delivers full HD video (up to 1080p), multi-channel audio, control and Ethernet to every TV location Eliminates equipment and clutter in each room by tucking away all video sources and wiring into a central location
Control4® 100 Series 4 & 8-Zone  Non-Matrix Amplifiers Powerful audio performance in multiple audio zones. 4-Zone model delivers 55W per channel* of high-quality sound to four stereo speaker outputs and includes four analog zone inputs 8-Zone   model   provides   55W   per   channel of   power   to   eight   stereo   speaker   outputs and includes eight analog zone inputs Automatic signal-sensing feature saves energy by putting the amplifier into standby when not in use
Control4® 4 & 8-Zone Matrix Amplifiers Full matrix switching, amplification and volume control in one product. 4-Zone model delivers 60W per channel of high-quality sound to four stereo speaker output zones and includes four analog and two digital source inputs 8-Zone model provides 120W per channel of power to eight stereo speaker output zones and includes eight analog source inputs Advanced parametric equalizer capability and the Control4 Equalizer app drive professional-quality sound
Work with your Control4 dealer to design a home theater masterpiece, a killer multi-room music solution or just get rid of all the remotes on your coffee table.
Control4® Wireless Music Bridge A simple, elegant way to enjoy music available on your phone, tablet or computer through your Control4 system. Wirelessly connects your music collection as well as streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify Combines AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth technologies, allowing connectivity with virtually any smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac Delivers your music artwork and metadata to Control4® touch screens, on-screen displays and Control4 Apps Continue using your smartphone, tablet or computer while listening to music with amazing sound quality
Streaming Music Services Enjoy your favorite online music through your Control4 system. Napster: Enjoy more than 15 million songs in every music genre—from the latest releases to your personal favorites Rhapsody: Access more than 15 million Rhapsody songs or playlists directly from any Control4 touch screen, TV or your smartphone or tablet TuneIn: Listen to 70,000 Internet radio stations and millions of podcasts, talk shows, news and sports programs from around the world—all through the intuitive Control4® user interface Enjoy any of your favorite streaming music solutions, including Pandora, Spotify and SiriusXM using your mobile device and the Wireless Music Bridge
Control4® Speaker Point Send music to any room in your house over a wired or wireless connection. Enjoy high-quality audio in a few rooms or all of them One analog input source, one speaker output zone and one line-level output zone
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