•  Great solution for tracking the where- abouts of teenage and elderly drivers •  Ideal for service vehicles, company vehicles, transportation services,  delivery services and more •  Excellent for construction equipment, trailers, shipping containers, generators, boats and jet skis
GPS Vehicle and  Asset Tracking Honeywell Total Connect ®  Tracking  Services* can put your business on the map—helping you reach new markets, retain your accounts and drive more  RMR. It puts real-time location information, alerts and updates at your customers’ fingertips—a great way to keep tabs on family members and employees, know if speed limits or predetermined geographic  boundaries have been exceeded or recover lost or stolen valuables. It’s great as a standalone offering or when combined  with video, energy management and security for a full-featured remote services solution that is absolutely unmatched—all from one seamless, integrated platform.
  * GPS tracking services available  to United States customers only.